Monday, March 22, 2010

Bubbling over...

Day 81 of my project 365 and once again I can thank my daughter for inspiration once again. Tub time rolled around, and she was all about the bubbles. This one is for her!

Bubbling Over

A glass, some bubble stuff and water in it, a straw and a little bit of blowing set up the shot. The glass is in the lightbox with the backgrounds removed so it's *mostly* black. I have my wife sewing me a background for it for black background shots like this since the black back of lightbox itself is a bit reflective and it took some working around to keep it from showing up in the shot. One strobe off to the right side did all the lighting work.

I like the shot, it's geometric, colourful and abstract without being overly weird. This isn't the shot I planned for tonight, which did not work out at *all*, so I'll file that away for another night.