Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Day 62, and I was continuing to mess around with light sources again today, and I was a bit frustrated with some trouble with my Pocket Wizards. These things are supposed to be bullet proof, but I find that my 580EX II doesn't always fire when triggered.

I think it might be the PC connection on my speedlite at fault, but I can't get over the feeling that my Pocket Wizards are a bit buggy.


Inspiration from the weirdest places. Two full months in on this project and ideas are sometimes hard to come by. I've been told that vision is the trickiest part of photography, and I'm repeating that to anyone and everyone that reads this. You can't expect a great picture to just show up in front of your lens once a day, and it's only harder if you have a lot of other priorities like family and work to eat up your time.

I need to work harder if I'm going to make it through the other 303 days.

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