Friday, March 5, 2010


Both my wife and I have been working late, and often we are seeing each other illuminated solely by the glow of our laptops. It's not exactly candlelight, but so be it.

For day 64, I wanted to capture this.

Working Late

This was a fairly simple shot, handheld but stabilized on the back of a chair with the new 50mm at f/1.4, ISO 400. I knew it would be hyper-narrow for DOF, a bit noisy at ISO 400, and probably a bit blurry from being handheld, so I decided to embrace it and play with it in post.

This picture has been through colour correction, and I added a semi-opaque, eroded, desaturated layer over it. I used something similar with a high-pass filter on the pictures taken of the models at the lighting seminar and I like the effect. Not hyper-desaturated but with a cool, smoothing effect that doesn't lose contrast.

I've got the next family shoot tomorrow afternoon, and I'll be working on the post processing then as well. Look for some samples tomorrow night.

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