Friday, March 19, 2010

The Pinto (mato)

So here we are on day 78, it's after 10:30 and I haven't even had a chance to consider what I am going to shoot, let alone compose and shoot it. Also, I'm bone tired due to my little guy's teething.

I was home late after taking my daughter to see my best friend's teenager perform in her school's production of Seussical, which was a very well done little show, but it meant a very late night, and my model at work fell through for a shoot I wanted to do at lunchtime, so panic set in and I started throwing together all sorts of little objects and knick-knacks to see what might look interesting.

I settled on this:

Pinto (mato)

Hey, at least this one isn't taken on glass, so I consider that a small improvement over the last few days, but really I have to admit that this just looked funny to me somehow, especially the little pepper with it's antennae. Not a clue why, not sure what made me compose it like this, but I like it.

Of course, that could just be the exhaustion talking.

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