Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To make an omlette...

So I'm back to shooting regularly this week since I finished off the bar gig shots, and I wanted to dive into an experiment for day 89.

I have been reading about stroboscopic flash, essentially setting your flash to fire multiple times quickly, which when used with a dark room and a moving object, gives you multiple exposures of the object in motion within one shot. Sounds neat right? I'm sure it is, if you can get it working.

My 580EX II supports stroboscopic mode, as you would expect for a higher-end flash, but for whatever reason, I was unable to trigger it with my PocketWizards (which I expcted) *or* on-camera via the hotshoe. So basically, even though my speedlite is capable of using this mode, my camera apparently can't trigger it.


So, with the help of my wife setting the object in motion, I fired the speedlite manually and opened the shutter with the cable release.

More frustrating!

To complicate matters even more, the object I wanted to get was a falling, smashing egg. A pain to clean up if you miss the shot, which I did. Several times. The tricky exposure didn't help either.

Super frustrating!

I never did get the shot after going through the last 8 eggs in the fridge, so in the long run the shot was a wash. Luckily, I did get a kind-of-neat shot of one of the eggs post-crack, and I was happy enough to keep it for my shot today:

Making an Omlette

A fun, but frustrating night. I've already decided that I'm trying this again, but maybe with brown eggs to give a little more contrast to the shot, and I'll use a darker room with a slower shutter speed and a faster pulse. I'm not giving up on this idea yet!

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