Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get your insulin ready...

Having fun with food tonight, and my daughter's new favourite dessert ended up in front of the lens for Day 63.


Rainbow Choc-o-rama!

Arrowroot cookies, a smear of Nutella, and a sprinkling of mini M&Ms.

I made a bit of a challenge for this one, as I wanted to make it more than just a picture of food. There was plenty of colour and contrast already, a lightbox to use, a crystal plate to put it on, but I took several shots before settling on this. This is the first shot I took at the exaggerated angle, and it just works. I've noticed this is a lot of food shots, especially in shots of repeating objects like cupcakes and cookies. I can't explain why it works, but this was the best shot by far.

ISO 100, f/10 at 1/60th shutter. 580EX II remotely fired with the pocket wizards at 1/8th power, from above.

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