Saturday, March 20, 2010

They see me rollin'...

You ever have a little plan that turns into a really big plan? Day 79 started with a small plan...

I have a shot in mind, ready to go, just need a half hour or so to get it set up and shot. So needless to say I decided that today was the ideal day to make Sushi at home for the first time.


I started at around 3pm, cut ingredients and prepped things until about 4:30pm. My wife and I decided to actually make and eat the sushi after the kids were in bed, so that pushed us back to about 8pm. Had my ingredients done and the rice cooked by 9pm, and we started rolling and eating then. By close to 10pm we were stuffed, and still had four or five cups of rice left over.

So we called our best friends over, cracked open the bottle of Sake they brought (reason #323342 that they are great friends) and chomped away for another hour and a half or so. It was a great night, had loads of fun, I learned a lot about sushi prep, and as usual for the last week or so I had only left myself about 15 minutes to come up with a shot.

They see me rollin'

I spent a lot of quality time with that rolling mat today. Tomorrow I'll get my proper shot done, but tonight I am going to wander off to bed to slip into sake and wasabi-fuelled dreams of the land of the rising sun.

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