Monday, March 29, 2010

Walking around downtown...

I'm continuing to try and work on my urban shooting, and today was the latest chance I had to do so. The weather outside is wonderful, almost 20 Celsius today, so it's great walk around weather.

Today I wanted to shoot a bus stop, although the shot I kept was sort of on the periphery of the bus stop itself. A quick note too, I'm working on my monochrome work, and some vignetting to get the gritty look going. It's a bit strong in this shot, so I need to improve on it.

Here's the shot for today:

Downtown Bus Stop

Downtown Winnipeg is really one of those 'mixing' places. At this particular bus stop you will see professionals, drifters, families, impoverished people and hipsters at any given time. Tensions can get a bit high, and the class divisions can be pretty glaring. It's not always pretty, it's sometimes scary, but it's always interesting.

Interesting like the guy who followed about 100 feet behind me as I walked to work this morning, shouting "I'M NOT DEAD!" over and over. I didn't take his picture. Obviously.

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