Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Had a chance to sit down and plan a shot tonight, which was a welcome change of pace, so hopefully day 69's offering is better than 68's.

When I hit a creative funk, I like to let my wife suggest an object, concept, or location to shoot, and then I try and work it into a shot that I like. It makes me work for it. Tonight, she suggested a stained glass wind chime in the shape of a turtle. Here is what I came up with:


I thought about back lighting this, and playing with my coloured gels again, so the plan came together as follows: The background is a length of black fleece, very lightly rippled, a sheet of acrylic held above it by a few of my daughter's building blocks, and both strobes on opposite sides with blue gels. Place the turtle on top and shoot.

A little work was required in post, the acrylic had a few scratches that I healed out and I had to clone out the cables connected to the top and bottom of the turtle that hold the hook and chimes respectively. I left a lot of the speckling on the acrylic as it gives some depth and texture that was missing when I worked on cloning it out.

I like the shot, it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy the challenge that things like this present.

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