Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's some strong tea...

Looking for another 'trick' shot, and I mostly hit the target today with the exception of a small focus problem.

The shot for today (Day 90, whoo!) involves smoke shot with a speedlite, inverted to look like steam, colourized and composited on a second shot. Not super complicated, but a neat effect.

Here is the shot:

Green Tea

You can see the focus issue in the smoke/steam. It was shot in the dark, so manual focus was required, and since the smoke would move and spread around it was very hard to focus on. This portion of the shot was tricky, and I took seven sets of exposures and this was about the best for shape and focus.

The other hard part of this is that it's composited on a solid, pure white background, so any noise or colour variation in the composited images is obvious. A fair bit of cleanup with a feathered white brush was required, especially around the smoke, but I think the fact that it *is* smoke meant I could be a little loose with it and it wouldn't look awful.

All in all, another shot that I am pretty proud of. I really didn't think I would be pulling shots like this off after only 90 days of a-shot-a-day.

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