Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Day 76 and I'm playing with black backgrounds, a suspended glass sheet and my speedlites again.

Going back to the well again a bit, and I broke out my eye dropper and food colouring again. Yes, it's another liquid drop/splash shot but I thought the setup with the black background and glass reflections might give it another level of punch.


f/8, 1/200th shutter, ISO 100. Same light/box/backdrop setup as yesterday.

I'm *pleased-ish* with the shot, but I had two problems. One, I had my camera too far away (fear of a splash on the front element) so this is a smaller image than I would have liked, and two I underexposed, so this was brought up 5/6ths of a stop in post, making it a bit noisier than I would have liked. The exposure issue is just my own inexperience at work, as I am having trouble controlling the spill of light from my lightbox. I might be better shooting both flashes bare and snooted to control the spill. In fact I just thought of that now, and it's totally the right thing to do. Dammit.

I'll get it right next time.

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