Friday, March 26, 2010

A sure sign of spring...

Day 85 of my Project 365, and it's springtime. How can I tell it's springtime? The Hot Dog Cart Guy is back!

A Sure Sign of Spring

All hail the most sacred and holy Hot Dog Cart Guy, keeper of cheap, delectable and sizzling hot lunches. I'm glad to see this particular cart back in front of my office because he is one of the few that carries veggie dogs, which I appreciate seeing as how I am one of those hippie vegetarian types.

The sun was very bright today, even though we are still dealing with sub-zero temps, so there is some serious overexposure in some spots on this shot. Technical and artistic issues aside, I am glad I took this picture today. I want to start doing more street photography again since the weather is improving, but I am still very nervous about pulling out my camera in public and shooting strangers. It's perfectly legal, and I would certainly delete an image if someone requested it, but it's hard to reach into my backpack and pull out the camera.

Today, I did that. It will be easier the next time I try it again. It's a step.

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